Cancer Patient Chinese Businessman Entrusted Himself to Turkish Doctors

Cancer Patient Chinese Businessman Entrusted Himself to Turkish Doctors

There's nothing to do with the idea that cancer patients sent to the home countries came to Turkey to search for hope that the Chinese businessman Zhu Shikang disease. Zhan, who came to our country by ambulance plane, was operated by a Turkish doctor.

living in big trouble last year because of liver cancer by 55-year-old Chinese businessman arrested in 2016 for the treatment of end stage of the disease called cancer palliative Shikang Zhen arrived in Turkey. Along with the liver, it was determined that there was intensive tumor involvement and fluid accumulation in the right rib cage. Countries do not have anything to do with the idea of ​​a businessman's family was sent home decided to come to Turkey for treatment through Turkish friends. Zhan Shikang and his family, who came to Istanbul from China on an ambulance plane last Sunday, expressed that they were very touched by the interest of Turkish doctors. Thoracic Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. The lung membrane with tumor in the chest of the patient, which was taken into operation by Özkan Demirhan, was removed and the fluid was drained and a hot chemotherapeutic agent (HIPEC) was applied into the chest. The patient and his family, whose treatment continues in Istanbul, told about the process they experienced.

Zhan Mao, his 30-year-old son, who is a businessman like himself, who stated that they had taken a long journey to make his father have a difficult time, said, “My father's disease started 2 years ago. He had surgery at that time with the diagnosis of liver cancer. His condition also improved. However, her illness has progressed over the past year and has been said to have spread. We have been living in Italy for many years due to our business chain markets. However, we returned to our country a year ago. Medical technologies are very developed in China, so we wanted to continue my father's treatment in our country. However, his condition got worse. They said that there is nothing left to do now, take it to your home. We are fighting the last stage of cancer. However, due to cancer, the tumor and fluid accumulated in the right rib cage prevented my father from breathing. You have to constantly live connected to the breathing apparatus. In this regard, we did not get a response from the treatment. He loves living and struggling. At least we want him to spend this struggle more comfortably. Turkey is a friend of ours told us that the doctor was very successful in Turkey and mentioned Ozkan gentlemen. After evaluating that we sent our examinations to him, he said that they could operate related to the problem in the chest. We started preparations for the journey immediately without thinking. Our father had surgery here. The surgery was very good. The attention of Turkish doctors and their approach to the patient affected us very much. They are doing their best to make my father's last period more comfortable. ”

Explaining his feelings by making a victory sign from his bed, Zhan Shikang said, “Me and my family have traveled for twenty hours. My situation was not very suitable for traveling and flying for so long. Anything could happen on the road. But I risk death. Because living is really good and I love living. This surgery will give me a chance to live a little more. He will chat with my family and give him a chance to joke. I would like to thank my doctor for his interest and support. Our doctors said they had nothing to do with me. ”

Chest Surgery Specialist Assoc. Dr. Ozkan DEMIRHAN, "from Turkey reached me through a friend. They sent their audits. We have translated from Chinese to English. We found that liver cancer commonly metastasizes and fluid accumulates in the right rib cage. They give chemotherapy every three weeks in China. Only about the disease spreading in the rib cage, the liquid is drained by simple methods. Nothing can be done, take it home. Although the family is aware of the seriousness of the situation, their search for hope has continued. They arrived on an ambulance plane on Sunday. We did tomography and PET CT. The general condition was better than we expected. Despite this metastasis, it was advantageous to have a young patient. We also observed extensive tumor involvement in the liver and right chest in our examinations. The last stage we call terminal period is cancer patient. There is nothing to do in this sense. It reached us at a very late stage. Even if they came early, there would be a chance for surgery even on the liver. There was more fluid accumulation on the right side in the movies. Because of this, he had respiratory failure and lived connected to the respirator. We drained the liquid by surgery. We removed the tumor lung membrane and applied chemotherapy inside with the hot chemotherapy method (HIPEC). These procedures are simple procedures that can be done in China, but temporary catheters have been inserted and temporary solutions have been provided. We placed a permanent catheter in both rib cage after surgery. This will remain for a long time and will at least keep the patient comfortable from the fluid side. We also talked to oncology. Oncology said that even if there is not much chance, low-dose chemotherapy can be given, as the general condition and performance will tolerate the drug. A time will continue treatment in Turkey. With our process, breathing will be relieved and maybe it will reduce dependence on oxygen. He will have a chance to spend time with his relatives not in intensive care conditions, but in room conditions. ”