Kolan Hospital

Patient Rights Management


Right to use services:

Each individual coming to our Hospital has the right to use all of our services, and to be informed about diagnosis and treatment services offered by our Hospital and about how to access such services, without any language, religion, race or sect discrimination. A patient, while in the process of diagnosis or treatment in our Hospital or in a center contracted by our Hospital, may at all times demand to be transferred to another healthcare institution.

Information and approval rights:

Our patients have the right to get full and complete information by an understandable language and method either directly themselves or indirectly through their legal representatives about their health situation so as to cover suggested medical interventions and potential risks and benefits of each intervention, and alternatives of suggested interventions, and results of non-treatment, and the probable future processes.
As a requirement of information and approval rights, and subject to medical and legal exceptions, each patient has the right to decide the way of treatment applicable after being fully informed about such issues as severe adverse effect risks, fatality, remission problems, chance of success relating to his/her disease. If our patient uses this right, he/she is deemed to have given his/her consent to actions to be taken.
Our patients have the right to get information about correct assessment and treatment of pain. Our patients and their families have the right to be informed about how to prefer to donate organs and other tissues.
Our patients are required to be informed about how to participate in clinic studies and experiments conducted in our Hospital, and our patients accepting to participate therein and their families have the right to be informed about how to protect thereagainst. Our patients may, directly themselves or indirectly through their agents or legal representatives, review and check, and get a copy of, all medical records containing information about their health.
These records are accessible only by persons who are directly involved in treatment of patient. Except for measures to be taken by the relevant authorities depending on the disease and in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations, the patient may demand the Hospital to give information about his/her health to him/her or his/her family or relatives.

The right to know, choose and change the personnel:

Our patients have the right to know the identity, jobs and positions of, and to choose and change if required, the doctors, nurses or other healthcare personnel in charge of their treatment.
However, if and when the rights to choose personnel, change the doctor and request a consultation are used, the resulting difference of service fees is required to be borne by the patient.

Right to choose and change healthcare establishment:

In compliance with the procedures and conditions specified in the applicable laws, our patients have the right to choose and change healthcare establishments and entities. Subject to compliance with the referral system stipulated by the laws, the patient may change his/her healthcare establishment. Provided, however, that the patient is required to be duly informed by his/her doctor about whether changing the healthcare establishment may threaten his/her life or cause aggravation of his/her disease or not, and the change of healthcare establishment is required to be non-objectionable in terms of life-threatening dangers. Except for emergency cases, patients who are registered in any social security institution and do not comply with the chain of referrals stipulated by the laws are liable to pay the resulting difference of service fees.

Right to refuse and stop treatment:

Except for legal requirements and by bearing the responsibility of probable negative results, the patient has the right to refuse, or request stoppage of, treatment planned to be applied or currently applied for him/her.
The practicing doctor informs the patient about probable outcomes of refusal of treatment, and gets a written statement verifying that such risks are understood.
If and when a patient refuses treatment by a statement, he/she is discharged from our institution.
If a patient re-applies after refusing treatment, he/she has the right to get the required medical care and treatment.

Privacy (confidentiality) right:

Our patients have the right to receive services in compliance with privacy rules throughout the whole treatment process.
All information about health situation, medical records and other personal information of all individuals coming to our Hospital are protected and kept in strict confidence in such manner not to disclose even after death of the patient. Such patient information may, however, be disclosed by a clear consent of patient or a final judgment of the competent court.

Right to be respected:

Our patients have the right to get diagnosis and