Kolan Hospital

Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital

Bayrampasa Kolan Hospital

Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital, which is the new link of the Kolan health group, was positioned as a general-purpose hospital. Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital, which was opened in 2015, serves as a full-fledged hospital. As Kolan Hospital Group, our aim is; Our mission is to combine reliable service for the body and mental health that everyone has with 24 hours of expert, strong, smiling physician and staff and to offer the society in the most appropriate economic conditions.

Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital, designed to exceed world standards in health with its dynamic and team-based system, new ideas fed with advanced technology and science; it also adopts multidisciplinary work as a principle. While providing world-class services in all branches; The most up-to-date medical and surgical methods are applied in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension and heart diseases, along with modern technologies.

Our Kolan Bayrampaşa branch, which invests in '' health only '' with the addition of Bayrampaşa Kolan Hospital, which is designed for different stages of diagnosis and treatment service, has 4 operating rooms in a 114-bed hospital with an indoor area of ​​8 thousand square meters. Intensive Care Units have a capacity of 41 beds.

In addition to the resuscitation and orthopedic intervention rooms in the Emergency Room, which has separate ambulances and patient entrances; There is a private observation section for patients. It is aimed to provide the fastest service to the emergency patients with the examination rooms located in the department for the branches that are required to consult the patients in the emergency department.