Kolan Hospital

Beylikduzu Kolan Hospital

Beylikduzu Kolan Hospital

Beylikdüzü Kolan Hospital, which started service in Beylikdüzü in 2008, aims to provide superior health care to patients coming from home and abroad by adopting medical technologies that continuously improve their diagnosis and treatment methods.

Beylikdüzü Kolan Hospital with its patient-focused approach with its distinguished physician staff and healthcare staff, with its concept understanding that patient comfort is considered, in a closed area of ​​10 thousand square meters, 105 beds, 4 operating rooms, a total of 24 beds, 16 incubators with intensive care units, surgery, coronary and cardiovascular surgery. The new-born intensive care unit was built to provide privileged service to human health with the understanding of patient satisfaction, which prioritizes quality in more than 30 branches.

We have SSI, Private Health insurance and Agency agreements at Beylikdüzü Kolan Hospital, which was built to provide high-level health services to our patients with health service standards, physical properties, medical device park and technical equipment.

We aim to carry our society to a healthier future with all our employees and increase the success to a higher level with the awareness of this sacred duty.