Kolan Hospital

Our Quality and Accreditation Management

It is reporting to Kolan Group Quality Accreditation and Patient Relations Directorate.

Our Quality and Accreditation Management has been built according to International JCI Accreditation Standards, Quality in Health Standards issued by Ministry of Health and TSE ISO 9001:2008 Quality standards.

Announcement is made for the entire group of Quality Accreditation Management, after approval of CEO is obtained in accordance with “Annual Quality Management Plan”. Quality departments of the hospital work in accordance with the Quality Management Plan.

  • Document Management (Issue, Revision, Distribution, Cancellation etc.)
  • Compliance with Patient Safety Program
  • Compliance with Employee Safety Program
  • Patient Relations, Outpatient and Inpatient Satisfaction Management
  • Intra-hospital Quality Audit Management
  • JCI / SKS / ISO Quality Indicator Management
  • Supplier Performance Follow-up
  • Risk Management for Facility Securityand Facility Tour Audits
  • Compliance with Accreditation Terms for Annual Contracts of Contracted Services
  • Compliance with Rules and Ethical Committee Meetings in Communication Marketing Process
  • Compliance with Committee, Board and Council Meetings
  • Compliance with Minimum, Critical and Maximum Stock Management and Supplier Performance
  • Emergency Code Drills (White Code, Blue Code, Red Code, Pink Code, Yellow Code, Orange Code)
  • Reporting Follow-up (Preventative and Corrective Actions, Security Reporting System, Indicator, Event Reporting, Care Maps etc.)

 All our hospitals are operated in accordance with JCI / SKS / ISO 9001:2008.

 We render services that are strictly focused on patient and employee satisfaction. We ensure safety and security at every stage.

Our Quality Certificates

Şişli Kolan has been awarded the ISO 9001: 2008 Quality certificate on 24.06.2016.
Şişli Kolan Hospital has gained mean 93 points in Service Quality Standards audit conducted by the Ministry of Health, Republic of Turkey.
Şişli Kolan Hospital accelerated efforts to comply with JCI Accreditation Standards on April, 2016 by establishing Directorate of Quality Accreditation.
All other hospitals have ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFICATE. Our hospitals pass audits of Quality in Health quality standards that are conducted by the Ministry of Health at annual intervals.
Our aim: Increase satisfaction at every stage with continuous improvement of Secure Facility, Secure Service, Secure Document.

Our Patient Relations Management

We have Patient Relations offices in every hospital to ensure compliance with patient rights. Each patient has the right to make a complaint for using and protecting patients’ rights.  Process documents and patient information brochures are built for full compliance with JCI/SKS accreditation and standards of patient rights.

360-degree (face to face, phone, e-mail, info, fax, relevant web sites, Ministry of Health complaint units (SABİM) etc) Patient Complaints Management is targeted.

Our teams are working to ensure satisfaction at every stage.

JCI Complaint Notice
You can send a complaint notification by clicking here.