Kolan Hospital

Oncology Center

Aiming to be one of the centers equipped with cancer research and treatment, Kolan Hospital adopts personalized diagnosis and treatment approaches with its preventive medicine service.

Researches of people at risk are carried out with a team of specialists and experienced physicians who are specialized in multidisciplinary approach with advanced technology devices. All these researches are of great importance for the early diagnosis of cancer. Screening programs for early diagnosis of cancer include identifying people who are healthy but at risk of cancer and informing their relatives about cancer prevention.

Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy method is a frequently used application in cancer treatment and it is aimed to treat cancerous tissue or some benign tumors. The rays used in radiotherapy are used to stop the growth of cancer cells in the treated area or to kill those cells. The treatment of each patient can be evaluated according to their own conditions and can be applied with chemotherapy before and after surgery. In Radiation Oncology, successful results can be obtained with modern methods and devices using advanced technology with a multidisciplinary approach.

Tumor Councils

At Kolan International Hospital, cancer cases are approached from a multidisciplinary perspective. The patients are evaluated by a council consisting of experts from different branches and a treatment created with the decision of the council is applied.

Cancer Surgery

One of the most effective options for the full treatment of the disease and the prolonged prolongation of patients is the complete removal of cancer by surgical method. At Kolan International Hospital, successful applications can be performed in any case without compromising the principles of cancer surgery.