Kolan Hospital


As Kolan Hospitals Group, our target is; To provide better and safer health service to our patients by following the technological developments, new diagnosis and treatment methods. Our group; patient-centered approach, distinguished physician staff and health personnel are structured to provide services with an understanding of patient satisfaction, which prioritizes quality in our Centers equipped with modern medical technologies.

Kolan Hospitals Group, with its slogan 'The Assurance of Your Healthy Tomorrow' for a healthy life, has been treated by a wide range of academic and experienced physicians without sacrificing ethical principles. serves as a healthcare group where knowledgeable, smiling, experienced nursing services are provided.

In this journey that we started in 1997, we are proud to have provided our people with quality and reliable health services in accessible conditions for 20 years.

Kolan Hospitals Group; 6 hospitals, 1 medical center in Istanbul and Nicosia Hospital in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Girne Medical Center; It has a total of 1,230 beds, including 40 operating rooms, 250 intensive care beds (Cardiovascular Surgery Intensive Care, Coronary Intensive Care, Surgical Intensive Care, General Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Care and Internal Medicine Intensive Care services) and 980 service beds.

Our group provides services in over 40 branches, with over 450 physician staff and 3000 staff. All our employees working under the roof of our group; It aims to carry our society to a healthier future and to increase the success and patient satisfaction in the treatment results with the awareness of this sacred duty. We are honored by the satisfaction of domestic and foreign patients.

A range of services ranging from the first step taken to our hospitals, from the patient's exit to the home care process, is provided at a high level, making a difference with the understanding of patient care, which increases the quality of living conditions by minimizing the problems of the disease during the treatment and care process.

VIP quality service provision, patient welcome, hospitalization and housekeeping are closely monitored in all rooms. In our group, where all the treatments that the patient needs, can be done, all kinds of needs are considered in our rooms and high level of comfort opportunities are provided. Housekeeping and Hospitality services are provided by a professional team working with the aim of experienced and unconditional satisfaction and efforts are made to make our patients feel as comfortable as at home.

With the aim of keeping patient satisfaction and safety at the forefront, the Nursing Services Care Development Coordinator is provided with guidance, coordination, control and development system and quality and friendly nursing care is provided. Kolan Hospitals Group offers evidence-based practices with the help of modern technology, nursing services that have awareness of patient safety and scientific approach in providing the highest quality care to individuals with impaired health.

The patient, who will be followed up to create the same environment outside the hospital, is also provided with a qualified nurse or caregiver and a professional healthcare service, allowing the patient to feel better and accelerate the healing process.

Quality and patient safety are the most important issues in the services provided in health institutions. Kolan International Hospital holds the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation certificate, which is one of the international health accreditation organizations, recognized worldwide. Kolan International Hospital works to provide this service to its patients in the most favorable conditions by providing international standards in many subjects such as patient safety, infection control and prevention, patient care, patient assessment, risk management, staff training, information management, facility security.